Hotel Neufchatel

Hotel Neufchatel

The Neufchatel Buffet breakfast

Hot drinks, fruit juices, pastries, breads, eggs, bacon, beans in tomatoe, cereals, yoghurts, Nutella, jams, cheeses, charcuteries, fresh fruits, ...

Our buffet will offer you all what you need to start your day with a complete and balanced breakfast!

Freshly baked every morning

What would be better than enjoying all the pleasures of warm oven breads and pastries, soft on the inside with a delicious crust!

Breads, croissants, chocolate croissants... you will find all you could wish!

Large assortment of hot drinks

Our coffee brewed by a fully automatic coffee machine is authentic and natural: fresh from the bean, freshly extracted and ground for each cup of coffee! Enjoy also an unctuous Cappuccino, a delicious Latte Macchiato or a sweet Hot Chocolate made from fresh milk!

For Tea lovers, a voluptuous assortment of flavours has been selected for you!

Salty corner

For the ones who prefer English breakfasts, we propose eggs, bacon and beans with tomatoe accompanied with fresh vegetables, different sorts of cheese and charcuterie.

Sweet corner

For the others who prefer Continental breakfasts, we propose Nutella, four different jams, honey, caramelized biscuit spread, three sorts of cereals and our daily homemade fresh fruit salad.